Hannes Vandebotermet

Hannes Vandebotermet

Hannes Vandebotermet
Hannes works in the kitchen of LOF Restaurant, the restaurant of the beautiful new Pillows Grand Hotel Reylof. He has one ambition: helping LOF Restaurant to receive a Michelin Star. “My colleagues and team make my job fun, but I love working in hospitality and at LOF Restaurant for so many more reasons.” Keep reading as Hannes explains his passion for his job.

Every single day is different
“Working in the hospitality industry means work days filled with variety. Every day is different, and I perform a wide variety of different tasks. Problems pose themselves at the most unexpected times, and you need to be able to solve them quickly and immediately. You definitely learn how to deal with stressful situations very well.”

“Working in the hospitality industry, you have to be able to switch quickly, be able to remember a lot and stay hospitable at all times. Furthermore, empathy is extremely important. There is so much joy in knowing that you met or even surpassed the expectations of your guests. Sensing their gratitude and seeing them walking out with a smile on their faces, that is what motivates me.”

Big chance
“If you want to fill your life with passion, Hannes says, then the food & beverage industry is the sector for you. It’s a great feeling, working with a close team of professionals who have the same goal: to aim for the highest quality, every day, with every dish, with every play.”

Michelin Star
“Pillows Grand Hotel Reylof is undergoing a metamorphosis this summer, and so is LOF Restaurant. Already an established gastronomic value in Ghent, we want to lift LOF to the next level and pursue a Michelin star. To do so, we need skilled, and even more importantly, highly motivated talent for our already established restaurant team.”

Last but not least, Hannes mentions: “lots of time and attention is invested in training and educating colleagues. We take the time to teach and learn from each other. This creates trust and chemistry between colleagues.

We have also attracted a new and experienced top chef to achieve that Michelin Star. Who it is? Follow our Facebook page and find out soon!

Are you eager to join us after reading Hannes’ story? Do you see yourself as a professional with a passion for food & luxury? Please take a look at the open positions and join Hannes and his team!

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