Luigi - Chef Spring Cafe Brasserie

Luigi - Chef Spring Cafe Brasserie

About Luigi di Benedetto

Born on 11 November 1980 in Siano in the Salerno region of Italy

Worked for several Michelin restaurants in Tokyo, London and France, including star chefs Marcellin Marc and Thomas Keller

Inspired by his mother, grandmother and chef Jason Atherton Guilty pleasure is the local pasta dish cavatelli

If you ask Di Benedetto about his childhood, he will tell you about his family's vegetable garden and how he practically grew up in the kitchen, where his mother and grandmother could always be found. The chef has a great passion for developing flavours and creating the perfect flavour balance in his dishes. Characteristically, Di Benedetto stays close to his Italian roots. An important detail in Italian and French cuisine is that all ingredients are sourced fresh daily and from the best suppliers. So too in Brasserie Spring.

"Italian cooking is very honest, the quality of the food speaks. The food will reflect my Italian roots as well as everything I've learned over the years by cooking all over the world. Every bite will feel like a hug."

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