Floris - Chef VanOost

Floris - Chef VanOost

About Floris van Straalen

Born on 30 November 1990 in Oisterwijk, Brabant. Started washing dishes when he was 15 and volunteered at star restaurant Linnen to gain experience. Studied hospitality entrepreneur management.

Working experience

Worked at Oud Sluis, Pure C, Vinkeles and for more than 6 years as head chef at Envy. Always has a notepad on his bedside table, because he regularly gets new ideas at night. For Floris van Straalen, the world has been his playground and learning school since a young age. With various tutors (including Sergio Hermans and Dennis Kuipers), he learned by doing and made cooking and entrepreneurship his own.

VanOost Restaurant

Today, he still uses the world to inspire his craft. Characteristically, the chef starts with a story and then translates it into new dishes. With a drive to do everything just that little bit differently, he creates a culinary experience that is one of a kind. Indeed, the headstrong young chef goes beyond just the dish and wants to surprise on all fronts. "From the story behind the dish to the service, the music and the names of the menu: everything together forms a culinary experience you won't find anywhere else."

Working at Pillows Hotels

Working at Pillows Hotels means enjoying your work. Together we work on your ambitions, because our employees make the difference! In addition, we offer a competitive salary, a discount on various insurance policies with Centraal Beheer Achmea and an attractive discount for all the hotels within the collection.

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